Optimised soil compaction system

Dynapac says that its innovative CA3500D SEISMIC single drum roller offers high efficiency and productivity. The machine retains the well-accepted and proven features of the CA3500 model but now benefits from the innovative SEISMIC compaction system as well.
Earthmoving & soil compaction / bauma 2022 / September 1, 2022
Dynapac is expanding it range of optimised soil compaction rollers
Dynapac is expanding it range of optimised soil compaction rollers

This intelligent technology allows the roller to determine the optimum frequency for any compacted material automatically. An onboard machine control unit and next-generation compaction meter work together to allow the SEISMIC system to sense dynamic characteristics of the ground and calculate the optimum frequency for compaction. The process uses advanced data flow from the SEISMIC Compaction Meter to the onboard machine control unit, which regulates the hydraulics. SEISMIC technology automatically detects the resonant frequency of the soil. This system automatically applies the correct compaction forces exactly where required and can hydraulically change the drum frequency, every 0.2 seconds for maximum performance. As the drum no longer randomly hits the soil, it achieves precision and efficiency while saving time and fuel.

The system increases job-site productivity while reducing the number of passes required and eliminates the risk of over- or under-compaction. Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 55%, while productivity can be boosted by up to 40%. Due to lower frequencies, noise levels are also reduced while operating at lower frequencies also helps to reduce maintenance needs for the machine.

The SEISMIC feature is now available for Dynapac soil compactors ranging from the 7tonne CA1500 to the 21tonne CA6500 model.

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