Productive pivot steer asphalt compactor

Ease of control is a key feature of the BW 154 and BW 174 pivot-steered tandem roller from BOMAG. The machines are fitted with the latest myCockpit system, a new generation control offering a choice of three operating concepts. Operators have a choice of touchscreen, rotary pushbutton switch or classic joystick controls.
High controllability is claimed for BOMAG’s latest pivot steered compactors
High controllability is claimed for BOMAG’s latest pivot steered compactors

The touchscreen allows full control over functions. Touchscreen operation meets the need for digitalisation, though the rollers can also be operated using the rotary pushbutton on the control lever.

The operator can configure default settings and operate and control all functions using the touchscreen. A driver can set individual user profiles and switch to default settings. There is also a pre-set profile for the truck driver when loading the machine for transport.

High visibility allows the drivers to watch the drum surface and see if the spraying system is working correctly.

The BW 154 and BW 174 tandem rollers are available in several variants and with a wide range of equipment. They offer working widths of 1.5m or 1.68m and operating weights of 7.1tonnes and 9.8tonnes. Three compaction systems are offered: Asphalt Manager 2, vibration or the split drum oscillation TanGO4. The Asphalt Manager system has been simplified and regulates amplitude as well as compaction direction. This allows it to achieve optimum compaction quality with minimal passes.

The Asphalt Manager system allows the operator to concentrate on the rolling pattern and other machines working alongside, as well as being suited to compacting low-temperature asphalt.

Bomag offers optional extras including a second monitor at the rear of the cab for reversing, four additional mirrors on the cabin and rear frame, up to 16 LED lights, a chip spreader and a measuring technology interface for data transmission to the BOMAP app.

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