Sany’s electric excavator comes to the fore

Sany is emphasising its move towards electrically powered vehicles. A key launch is the SY19E electric mini-excavator in the 2tonne class. The company says it is seeing demand for this kind of machine and is planning to extend its range of electric vehicles.
Maintenance / bauma 2022 / October 21, 2022

The China-based firm is also placing increased emphasis on its European operations – it more than doubled its sales on the continent to €100 million in the 2021 fiscal year compared to 2020 – and is developing adaptations to its equipment to make it more suitable for European conditions.

The SY19E, in its canopy version, is intended to meet the growing demands of cities and municipalities that are seeking to reduce pollution by opting for zero-emission equipment. Other advantages for dropping the traditional diesel engine in favour of an electric motor are lower fatigue for the operator and what the company describes as “dramatically” lower service and maintenance costs.

The electrical version of the machine also offers ease of conversion for operators, who can move from earlier versions without complications, says the company.

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