Smart compaction technology coming to market

According to Hamm, the Smart Doc and Smart Compact tools are digital assistants for use in earthworks and asphalt construction.
Connected Construction / bauma 2022 / October 19, 2022
Hamm’s sophisticated smart compaction technology
Hamm’s sophisticated smart compaction technology

The Smart Doc system shows in real-time how compaction develops, and links the machine data to GNSS position data. The app uses this data to create compaction reports in PDF format and is suitable for self-monitoring.

The Smart Compact compaction assistant meanwhile can further raise the quality of the compaction. It can integrate local weather data into the evaluation, while also evaluating the physical and cooling properties of the asphalt.

This allows it to determine the optimal setting for each drum separately, selecting whether compaction should be carried out with vibration, with big or small amplitude, as well as having the options of oscillation or static compaction. The driver only enters which layer is to be compacted and the system can also put the roller into ECO mode and save fuel.

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