Sophisticated tooth loss detection system

A key innovation from MTG is its sophisticated new ground engaging tool (GET) detection system. This uses sensors mounted on the carrier machine that can detect when a bucket tooth becomes detached from the bucket. The GET Detection system can alert the operator within three seconds should a ground engaging tool become detached.
Materials / bauma 2022 / August 1, 2022
MTG is offering a novel detection system for bucket teeth
MTG is offering a novel detection system for bucket teeth

Signals emitted by the GET sensors are transmitted via antennas and processed by an electronic control unit. A tablet in the machine cabin displays the GET’s live status and alerts the operator in the event of a detachment by visual and acoustic warnings.

The system is the product of a five-year development programme and MTG says that it will help reduce damage to crushers and minimise downtime, delivering major cost savings for operators. Because the system is simple, there is no need for additional training to use it.

Being able to stop the excavator quickly when a tool detaches addresses the risk from these hard components ending up in the crusher, which would otherwise cause extensive and costly damage as well as halting processing operations.

MTG says that the system is available for use on excavators weighing 250tonnes or more in Australia, Europe or the US, but will be available in more markets in due course.

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