ALLU rolls out the D series variable drum and Veloci for North America

Screening bucket manufacturer ALLU has launched two new products for the North American market, the Veloci and the D Series variable drum.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 17, 2023
ALLU's Veloci drum is new to the North American market
ALLU's Veloci drum is new to the North American market

The ALLU Veloci is designed for compact-size excavators, loaders, telehandlers, tractors, and skid steers.

The bucket's screening stars are made from polyurethane material, which allows the material to fall through without crushing or shredding material. Large material and debris is left in the bucket while separated from reusable material. This feature is especially handy with composting, when the vegetation is left in the bucket and separated from the reusable material rather than being shredded into the end product.

Finland-based ALLU says the Veloci's screening stars create a rotating motion inside the bucket, screening and mixing the material, producing a quality end-product for use.

The Veloci series is available in five size models for a variety of screening, mixing, and aerating applications. All models are equipped with hydraulic motors for maximum processing power. The drum amount dictates the amount of hydraulic motors used. The Veloci has a double-skin floor, making it robust and durable even when coping with demanding environments and materials.

Its main application areas are landscaping, utility contracting, recycling plants, plus plant hire & rental.

The ALLU D series variable drum enables fixed TS blades to be quickly replaced, with no need to open the chain-box when blades are changed. Enabling a variable drum set-up means an individual drum or blades can be changed more quickly, saving time and money.

ALLU’s patented TS (top screen) construction and screening blades make it possible to screen materials, even when they are wet or moist, without fear of clogging. With the TS structure, it is also possible to get three different fragment sizes from the same ALLU unit by rearranging the screening combs with no additional costs.

Jeroen Hinnen, ALLU global sales director, commented, "ALLU is growing in North America, and we are delighted to be introducing the new Veloci and VD drums. This will strengthen our support to our customers and our operational presence."

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