CAMS debuts APR 1000-2S concrete and asphalt recycling shredder in North America

CAMS is launching the APR 1000-2S shredder for concrete and asphalt recycling into the North American market.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 17, 2023
The APR 1000-2S shredder can recycle slabs and milled asphalt
The APR 1000-2S shredder can recycle slabs and milled asphalt

The Italy-headquartered company has had a presence in the North American market for 18-months through its CAMS America operation. The APR 1000-2S was launched in Europe in 2019.

The APR 1000-2S is a hybrid diesel-electric machine that combines the features of two shredders, one iron separator and a screening unit in a single tracked machine. CAMS says it is the perfect solution to recycle slabs and milled asphalt with low fuel consumption, running costs and environmental impact.

The machine incorporates three shredding stages plus a screening unit in one machine. It has the ability to handle steel chunks (including toolholders, manhole covers and steel bars)

The APR 1000-2S features a patented hydraulic pusher system, output weighing system, remote service, and can be transported with one standard size truck.

Features include built-in specific crushing programmes depending on the type of material, the capability to process wet materials, low dust and acoustic emissions, and the ability to provide electrical power on-site.

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