Caterpillar’s new C13D diesel offers high output and is designed to use future fuels

Caterpillar claims that its new C13D diesel offers the highest power density for its class, replacing the previous C13B engine. Because of its high power output, the new C13D unit will be able to replace the firm’s own 15litre engine and even the 18litre diesel for some installations.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 15, 2023
Caterpillar’s new C13D engine offers a class-leading power density
Caterpillar’s new C13D engine offers a class-leading power density

Development of the engine has utilised some of the latest digital technology, with the firm assessing assembly and servicing comprehensively to optimise these processes, even before the unit was in the metal. Designed to meet future requirements, the engine is already able to use HVO and is being tested on B100 biofuels. It has the potential also to be modified to run on propane or even hydrogen, with Caterpillar having benefited from its long experience of developing gas engines.

There are eight power ratings ranging from 340-515kW for the six-cylinder engine, which meets the current Tier 4 Final and Stage V emissions requirements. However, the unit has also been designed with the capacity to be able to meet the Tier 5 and Stage VI requirements, if and when these are introduced.

The new engine platform is 10% more efficient, offers an increase in power of up to 20% and up to 25% more low-speed torque than the previous generation Cat engines in its class. It is designed to perform at altitudes of up to 3,700m, which is twice as high as legacy Cat engines, and in extremes of ambient temperatures as high as 60°C and as low as -40°C with aids. Engine oil and service schedules have been extended due to the engine’s high efficiency and clean running. Engine life is likely to be long, with key components able to be reworked for re-use. A spokesperson for the firm commented, “We’ve intentionally designed the cylinder head for a second and even a third life.”

The high power density means that OEMs selecting the unit will be able to install it more readily in their machines, while the engine is able to offer reliability even in more extreme applications. So far, Caterpillar has carried out around 12,000hours of engine testing, with the C13D now being used in the field to further prove the design. And Caterpillar is confident that the unit will meet customer demands when it is ready for market. Scheduled for production in 2026, the Cat C13D is targeted for a wide range of off-highway equipment, including rock crushers, screeners and grinders; trenchers; material-handling equipment; and large industrial pumps.

The new engine platform will be equipped with Cat Digital Services, an integrated suite of robust software and hardware solutions supplying the insight equipment owners need to make decisions on the fly, secure the health of equipment, and minimise downtime.

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