FAE’s RCU-75 tracked carrier comes with remote control and powerful 2.4 GHz comms

FAE’s latest tracked carrier, the sleek and powerful RCU-75, is guided by an ergonomic remote control with a large 89mm display panel for controlling all of the vehicle and attachment functions and with customisable function keys. A 2.4 GHz transmission frequency ensures reliable communication.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 16, 2023
FAE’s sleek RCU-75 mulcher comes with an equally sleek remote control unit
FAE’s sleek RCU-75 mulcher comes with an equally sleek remote control unit

The RCU-75 can mulch vegetation up to 15cm in diameter using FAE’s BL2/RCU mulcher head. This has been designed to mulch vegetation up to 153mm in diameter. Importantly, the RCU-75 can work on inclines of up to 55 degrees without fear of sideslipping. Slopes as steep as these can be a problem for lighter and less robust tracked carriers, says FAE.

Meanwhile, the heavy-duty undercarriage features a hydraulic extendable and retractable independent track gauge system and an automatic tensioning system. Thanks to high profile rubber tracks, which are 86mm pitch and 330mm in width, oscillating rollers, and triple-flange style idlers, the RCU-75 can operate in the toughest of conditions.

A dual hydrostatic transmission provides better traction and optimal management of the attachments.

This new FAE tracked carrier is powered by a Kohler Common Rail electronic fuel injection engine, a compact, powerful, and fuel-efficient 55kW propulsion system that complies with the most stringent emission standards.

Electronically-controlled piston pumps combined with a dedicated electronic control unit provide an integrated technological system. The result is high performance and reliability that lasts, plus a simple and intuitive operation.

All this makes the RCU-75 excellent for working in hilly wooded areas, near railroad tracks, power lines, gas and oil pipelines, gardens, roadsides, highways, canals, rivers, and lakes, says the Italian manufacturer.

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