Keestrack is launching its new impact crusher in North America

Keestrack's new R5e impact crusher is a fully electric plug-in machine but also has a plug-out connection to power additional equipment. The impactor used in aggregate production, recycling, quarrying and mining can be powered via mains connection or any gen set unit, in case there is no connection to the grid available.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / February 24, 2023
Keestrack’s new impact crusher offers high efficiency
Keestrack’s new impact crusher offers high efficiency

The R5e can process up to 400tonnes of material/hour and is very mobile and transportable in one piece. The double-deck pre-screen is said to ensure perfect screening. The material can be stockpiled by side conveyors or via the crusher bypass. The impact crusher is driven by a 200kW electric motor and drives the rotor with an extremely high mass moment of inertia, giving high productivity and stability. The two-deck precision screen can be placed in a closed circuit.

The R5e has a drop-off engine/gen set which can go either on the machine's chassis or the machine, connected with a power cable. Placing in a less dusty and vibrant environment, it functions as a backup when no connectivity to the grid is available. Connecting several machines to a single drop-off engine/gen set results in huge savings, as there is only one engine/gen set to run and maintain. Maintenance is also safer and easier when the engine is placed at ground level.

The R5e uses, on average, 173kW when powered full electric or around 40litres/hour when driven via the drop-off diesel engine/gen set.

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