Turn drone data into BIM data with DatuBIM

DatuBIM, from Israel-based Datumate, is a cloud-based SaaS infrastructure data analytics platform that digitises and automates construction work to complete highways and railway projects. It tracks core earthwork progress and execution metrics, detects deviations and prevents expensive rework activity.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 17, 2023
Jad Jarroush: DatuBIM creates solid working relationships
Jad Jarroush: DatuBIM creates solid working relationships

DatuBIM can monitor earthwork with automatic volume calculations, trace changes with each new as-built digital twin, compare design surface to the as-built, track roads build-ups and follow up on cut-and-fills over time and in different formats.

The diversity of the analytics delivered by DatuBIM, the fact that users can zoom-in to high resolution images, take measurements with ease, count materials delivered or extracted – all without the need to be on site –is a clear time and money saver, said Jad Jarroush, Datumate’s founder.

Dispersed teams can slow a project’s progress. With DatuBIM, everyone on the project has access to the right data, when and where they need it. They can add annotations and share notes on digital models, which means they can find solutions faster in the event of problems and deviations.

Datumate’s Managed Services experts will help clients with reports in the formats that they have used to date, with certified surveyor sign-off on reports; it also creates reports as needed, such as Road Layer Build-up Reports and Delta Elevation Analyses.

But one of the biggest advantages of DatuBIM is that it creates solid working relationships between stakeholders, thanks to its connection to BIM – building information modelling, said Jarroush. BIM is increasing in use and is even mandatory in some countries, making it the future for best-practice collaborative working.

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