Upgraded kerb forming with Miller Formless

Miller Formless is now looking to develop sales for its upgraded CG-200 kerb and gutter slipformer. The firm bought the rights to the design from MBW and then opted to improve the model, adding additional functionality and improving performance.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 17, 2023
Miller Formless has upgraded its kerb and gutter slipforming machine
Miller Formless has upgraded its kerb and gutter slipforming machine

Joe Ouellette is president at Miller Formless and commented, “We’ve redone the hydraulics and the control system.” He said that the unit offers a price-competitive package when supplied with two moulds that can meet the needs of small contractors. The unit is also productive, versatile and manoeuvrable, the company says. Customers can select automatic or manual control options and the machine is able to pour on compacted soil or paved surfaces.

Meanwhile, the firm continues to offer its other models, such as the strong-selling M-1000 and ranging up to the top-of-the-line M-8800, which can pave widths up to 6m. This last unit is said to be productive and versatile and Ouellette said, “It’ll expand and contract on the fly.”

The machines are ready for use with machine control technology and customers can, at present, select from Leica Geosystems or Topcon packages, but Ouellette said that the firm also plans to offer a Trimble option in due course.

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