Utility trencher for North America from Mastenbroek

Mastenbroek is introducing its first-ever utility trencher designed specifically for North America. The Bulldog is a small footprint, compact yet powerful trencher designed to meet the need of utility cable and pipeline layers.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / February 21, 2023
Mastenbroek is offering a utility trencher for the North American market
Mastenbroek is offering a utility trencher for the North American market

The Bulldog is 10.9m long and is designed to work in confined areas, with a forward discharge conveyor system that retracts to give a 2.5m width, making it is easy to transport.

Borrowing much of Mastenbroek's engineering prowess from the existing 17/17 trencher, the new Bulldog features a new engine and enhanced digging mechanism. The new US-specific trencher features a Tier 4 final compliant Volvo 8litre engine offering the ideal combination of power, efficiency and emissions.

Complementing the Volvo engine is a new diesel hydrostatic drive system developed by Mastenbroek to power the new heavier digging mechanism, which can achieve the 1.8m trench depth required by US cable layers.

The Bulldog also features an offset cutting head and forward swing conveyor making it ideal for operating in cities and on highways where access is restricted and excavated material needs to be loaded onto trucks for removal offsite. A steerable undercarriage enables curved trench lines, and the track lift allows the machine to straddle raised pedestrian walkways.

The company intends to establish a regional dealer network to sell and service the machine.

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