XCMG brings paver and other heavy equipment to US, Europe

XCMG is using small rollers to build trust – and ultimately to lead to sales of bigger equipment down the road.
CONEXPOCON/AGG 2023 / March 17, 2023
The RP705 paver will be modified for new markets
The RP705 paver will be modified for new markets

The Chinese manufacturer XCMG will market a full line of heavy equipment in North America and Europe. That includes the RP705 Paver-Finisher.

“It is the first high-end paver produced in China and developed in China,” said Thomas Mavrudis, director of road machinery for the Chinese manufacturer.

But cracking the paving market is difficult. A breakdown of that machine can idle compactors, the plant, trucks and workers and a create a host of logistical problems. An idled paver is a contractor’s nightmare.

“It’s hard to buy a product like a paver, where reliability is so crucial, without being very familiar with the machine and the company supporting it,” Mavrudis said.

Paver demos will help, but Mavrudis sees light rollers as the most likely path to market share.

“We’ve sold some single-drum rollers in the U.S. – and some light, compact rollers,” said Mavrudis. “Those are the door openers for us.”

The rollers – mostly in the 1.5 tonne to 4.5 tonne range – will be used to build trust and prove that XCMG products can perform and be supported.

Then the company will more aggressively market a premium paver.

The RP705, a 600-tonne capacity paver best-suited for road work and city streets, will be adjusted to meet the needs of the US and European markets, Mavrudis said. That will include changes to the screeds, tracks and feeder system.

Mavrudis is convinced the XCMG paver will then be a hit in North America and Europe. He believes the market will be particularly impressed with the paver’s control system and ease of operation.

The company has had success selling a variety of construction equipment globally – without even penetrating the North American or European markets.

XCMG had recent annual sales of 1,800 pavers; 2,300 motor graders; 10,000 rollers (single-drum and tandem) and 300 milling machines, Mavrudis said. It also manufactures asphalt-mixing plants.

XCMG is bringing almost all of its heavy equipment to the new markets, Mavrudis added.

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