3rd IRF Africa Regional Congress & Exhibition

Across the African continent, the end of the pandemic has witnessed a surge in road construction projects which are expected to boost regional integration by reducing transit times, facilitating trade and cross-border movement of people, opening up access to tourism, and stimulating the economy.

Against this backdrop, achieving Africa’s regional connectivity vision remains hinged on delivering climate-resilient transportation corridors, achieving efficiency gains through improved procurement, financing and contract management, and ensuring a higher level of service and safety to all road users.

The 3rd IRF Africa Regional Congress & Exhibition pursues the objective of exploring a range of policies and mechanisms aimed at offering policy makers practical options to ensure road & transportation program continue supporting the region’s sustainable development goals and socio-economic objectives.

IRF Washington
25th April, 2023 - 28th April, 2023
Event Organizer
business Washington-based IRF Global
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Event Location
room Accra, Ghana