7th Future Heavy-Duty Powertrain Summit China 2023

In recent years, due to increasingly stringent fuel consumption and emission regulations, commercial vehicles, NRMM, ships and other heavy equipment mainly powered by diesel engines are facing the transformation of alternative fuels and electrification.

LNG, methanol, hydrogen, ammonia and even e-fuel are alternative fuels for energy saving and carbon reduction; 48V, HEV, PHEV and BEV technologies are also in full swing. However, both alternative energy and electrification have encountered problems such as imperfect infrastructure, immature technology and insufficient industrialization.

Based on the success of our past Six Future Diesel Powertrain Summit China series and the actual situation of China's heavy-duty powertrain industry, the 7th Future Heavy Duty Powertrain Summit China 2023 will discuss policies, regulations on energy conservation and emission reduction, technical progress and future development trends that industry insiders are concerned about; It is also the best platform for you to negotiate on international projects with government officials, Powertrain and OEM manufacturers, industry leaders and experts.

3rd August, 2023 - 4th August, 2023
Event Organizer
business Fiveo Events
Event Location
room Shanghai, China