Bridge Management & Inspection

This on-line training workshop will cover the main technical issues regarding Road Bridge Management, Inspection and Maintenance. The contents will be based on international standards as well as the hands-on experience of the course instructors. The workshop is addressed at highway agency executives and private sector contractors. The topics of the workshop go from the basic knowledge of Road Bridges and their main characteristics, to the visual inspection activities, until the most up-to-date concepts of Bridge Asset Management.

The Lectures will be taught over a 2 week period with live 2-hour online sessions held Monday through Thursday of each week. Upon completion of the training program, the IRF will administer an online knowledge test. IRF will work with each individual participant to ensure they pass the examination.

IRF Washington1
7th March, 2022 - 17th March, 2022
Event Organizer
business Washington-based IRF Global
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room Online