IRF Geotechnical Engineering for Resilient Road Construction

This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of fundamental geotechnical concepts and principles used in designing and constructing resilient highways. Participants will be introduced to different soil properties and relevant ASTM testing techniques for soil properties identification. The workshop will introduce hydraulic concepts as pertinent to underground water table and its effect on soil properties and surface discharge (floods) and how to mitigate its impact on highway longevity through flood control measures. Different types of soils, including problematic soils, will be discussed. Different soil anomalies will be presented, and different ground improvement techniques and methodologies will be explained to reduce potential damage on highway networks.

IRF Geotechnical Engineering for Resilient Road Construction
20th May, 2024 - 23rd May, 2024
Event Organizer
business Washington-based IRF Global
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local_phone 1 703 535 1001
Event Location
room Dubai, UAE