HP series – strong pneumatic-tyre rollers with many options are performing impressively

The pneumatic-tyre rollers from the HP series have been on the market across the world for several months and are showing what they can do in practice. This is a completely new generation of pneumatic-tyre rollers, which have been a permanent feature of HAMM's product range since the 1960s. The new HP series model stands out thanks to the large, newly designed water tank. Like the diesel tank, it is generously dimensioned so that the machines have sufficient capacity for a full working day without stopping to refill. For this reason alone, the rollers are already extremely productive
September 15, 2021


HP series – pneumatic-tyre rollers from HAMM

Pneumatic-tyre rollers are static compaction machines. In addition to static compaction, pneumatic-tyre rollers use the kneading and flexing effect to achieve excellent surface sealing. In the 1960s, HAMM, a pioneer in the compaction sector, launched the GRW on the market. The machine concept of the pneumatic-tyre roller was revolutionary for that time and, since then, HAMM has continuously further developed these machines. With the HP series, an entirely new generation of pneumatic-tyre rollers is performing impressively at construction sites around the world. The range of potential applications extends from soil stabilisation, cold recycling and landscape gardening, tight through to final compaction and surface sealing in asphalt construction.

One platform for all markets

For the HP series, HAMM has developed a uniform platform as the basis for all model variants in every market throughout the world. Based on this, HAMM is also continuing to offer the pneumatic-tyre rollers in different basic versions: On the one hand, the HP 180 or HP 180i model with a minimum working weight of 8 t and a maximum operating weight of 18 t and, on the other hand, the HP 280 or HP 280i model with working weights between 10 t and maximum 28 t. In doing so, HAMM provides the individual markets with the respective model to suit their regional demands with regard to weight classes and equipment versions. The HP 180i and HP 280i models (both with Easy Drive operating concept) comply with the requirements of the emissions standards EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V, while the HP 180 and HP 280 models are designed for Tier 3 markets.

Perfect visibility and easy operation

Hamm2What is extremely important to the driver? Simple and intuitive operation, along with the ergonomically optimised driver's platform. When combined with the shape of the asymmetrical frame, this therefore results in perfect visibility – for models with a cab as well as for models with ROPS. Right from one of the first times the machine was used in Turkey, it was clear to see how easy the machine is to operate. At a construction site near Ankara, an HP 280 was used during the renovation of a 3.5 km long section of a four-lane motorway. Construction Manager Gökçe Tokul von Onur Contracting Inc. was impressed with the new pneumatic-tyre roller and stated: "The driver was able to operate the machine immediately with minimal instruction. Colleagues from the workshop reported back to me that the fuel consumption is extraordinarily low."

Option with added value: Thermal aprons

As with most pneumatic-tyre rollers in Turkey, the HP 280 that was used in Ankara was also equipped with thermal aprons.

Powerful, even on slopes

The HP series' powerful, hydrostatic rear-axle drive, combined with a sensitive control system, allows the right speed to be set in every working situation. This also enabled the pneumatic-tyre roller to perform well in the hilly environs of Ankara. The specified working speed can be conveniently adjusted using the rotary knob here – an important prerequisite for homogeneous compaction. And let's not forget the intelligent drive control. This allows for smooth, even acceleration and braking, which prevents uneven compaction.

A range of options for all models

For the HP series, HAMM offers a wide range of options, meaning that the pneumatic-tyre rollers can be perfectly equipped for each individual market and application. The thermal aprons have always been a classic piece of equipment for the pneumatic-tyre rollers. They are available for all models in the HP series. The diesel-powered tyre heating is a new feature for the HP 180i and HP 280i models. The most important advantage: The integrated tyre heating is not operated using gas, but rather with diesel from the fuel tank. This means that the often very costly transport and the time-intensive replacement of the cylinders are completely eliminated. With this solution, HAMM has also eliminated a source of danger because there are no naked flames and, as a result, no risk of ignition, when it comes into contact with oil or the additive, for example. Another permanent feature of the new tyre heating is an automatic temperature control. After preselecting a minimum and maximum value, the control maintains the temperature in this range. The driver can view the current temperature via the display. The tyre heating also does not affect the ballasting of the machines. The maximum permissible operating weight is possible, irrespective of this.

Diesel-powered tyre heating (HP 180i, HP 280i)

The new, diesel-powered tyre heating is available as an option ex works at HAMM. The image shows an HP 180i with new tyre heating compacting a 9 m wide base course for a bypass road in Friedrichshafen.

Overview of the advantages of the diesel-powered tyre heating:

  • No additional tank, no space required for gas cylinders
  • High level of safety: No naked flames (heating by convection), no recoil flame
  • No ballasting restrictions

Hamm3Innovative additive-sprinkling system

When paving special asphalt that is rather difficult to process, the sprinkling of the pneumatic tyres with additive is essential for high-quality compaction. By completely redesigning the additive-sprinkling system, HAMM is creating optimal prerequisites for easy handling and the highest level of compaction quality. The system offers several advantages. The first thing to note is the time-saving filling of the additive concentrate, whereby no premixing is required. The dosage can then be regulated in different levels from the driver's platform. The water and additive are mixed automatically, which guarantees a lasting optimal mixing ratio without demixing. The driver also always has the option to monitor the fill level via the display on the control panel. It is also possible to convert the sprinkling from water to additive at any time from the driver's platform. In short: Typical HAMM – innovative and with clear added value for the user.

Large water tank

Distinctive characteristic: Among other things, the large water tank, with a volume of 650 l, makes the pneumatic-tyre rollers on the HP series extremely productive. The water is used for sprinkling but can also be used to increase the weight. As an option, the water tank can also be equipped with a C-pipe connection for fast filling. Also as an option, an additional water tank with a useful volume of 1500 l can also be configured as a water reservoir and as additional weight. The image shows an HP 280i in use in Voggenthal.

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