Improved asphalt compaction

Several of the major compaction machine manufacturers are introducing new models for the asphalt segment that utilise the latest technology – Mike Woof reports
August 16, 2023
By Mike Woof
Hamm is now offering a versatile rubber tyred roller for asphalt finishing purposes
Hamm is now offering a versatile rubber tyred roller for asphalt finishing purposes

New asphalt compaction machines are now being offered by several of the key manufacturers. Many of these are equipped with the latest technology to offer a combination of high productivity and quality while there are also additions to the markets for compact twin drum rollers and rubber tyred machines.

From Ammann comes the new diesel ARX26, which is powered by a choice of two Kubota engines, both of which meet Stage V/Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. The version with the 26kW Kubota engine is the top-of-the-range diesel model offering high performance, although there is also a variant with a 19kW Kubota unit. This last unit comes under the power limit for a machine to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), offering a considerable cost saving for maintenance and suits use by rental firms. Versions meeting Tier 3 requirements are offered also. In addition, a low-cost version of the ARX26 is offered with power from a Honda petrol engine. While the build quality is the same as for the other units, Ammann says that it has fewer operating features, suiting it to purchase by customers wanting a simple machine.

From BOMAG comes the BW 161 ADO-5 tandem roller, which is now equipped with the BOMAP Connect digital compaction control system. BOMAP Connect offers networked control and documentation of all machines involved in the compaction process across a site, regardless of make. This can save up to 30% on roller passes, cutting costs and boosting productivity.

In addition to BOMAP Connect, the highway-class BW 174 AP-5 AM and BW 206 AD-5 AM tandem rollers now feature ASPHALT MANAGER.

This sophisticated system is said to vector drum vibration from true vertical to horizontal, helping a novice operator to achieve the same results as a seasoned veteran. Requiring only the asphalt lift thickness to be entered, compaction force is adjusted relative to material thickness and temperature, and vibration direction is matched to the travel direction to prevent ripples in the mat.

Hamm’s new HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF articulated tandem roller is equipped with two maintenance-free VIO drums. Both drums can work with vibration or with oscillation, which can be selected from the driver's seat. Hamm has also developed a special automatic vibration system for this machine. The front drum in the direction of travel always operates in vibration mode, while the rear drum operates in oscillation mode; when reversing, the drums are switched automatically. This results in high compaction power – but operation always remains simple. These 12tonne class machines compact at a high frequency and can produce homogeneous asphalt surface courses even at high driving speeds, while achieving high surface outputs.

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