Indeco: Attached to growth

Attachment specialist Indeco notes a growing demand for products compatible with smaller-sized excavators, with the company looking to increase its range in response to this market trend.
July 4, 2023
Indeco: Attached to growth


Michele Vitulano, global sales and marketing manager for Indeco, says: “We already have breakers from 60kg to 11,000kg, so we are talking about pulverisers, demolition crushers, mulching heads, and grabbers. We are growing these ranges going down and are very close to launching a 150kg grabber. We will also have 900kg and 500kg demolition crusher attachments out very soon.”

Indeco benefited from a particularly strong performance in North America in 2022, where the Bari, Pulgia-headquartered company enjoyed its best-ever sales year at just under $50 million. Indeco North America is now looking to expand its Milford, Connecticut facility to meet the strong demand for equipment. The site also manufactures several items, such as mounting brackets for hydraulic hammers and hydraulic compactor attachments. “Our Milford premises is huge, and from it, we can deliver 98.5% of requested parts within 24 hours,” emphasises Vitulano. “We can also deliver spare parts from there to customers in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Chile.”

Vitulano says he is also looking for a suitable business to add to Indeco’s portfolio. “We are looking to add another product to our basket. The choice is always to start the product from zero like we did with our steel shears, or buy a company already producing them as we did with our mulching heads. We are watching some European and US companies and have our eye on several possibilities.

Indeco: Attached to growth “Indeco is financially really strong. That is why we don’t use any bank financing. We reinvest all our profit as we are doing with our new €8 million Bari production plant. It will be used for welding and cutting of what we call silent demolition tools, like pulverisers and steel shears. It will also be used to produce the casings for our hammers. This plant will easily double our production capacity. We will take on more people and have more robot stations for better efficiency. The space used before in our main premises for metal carpentry will increase our semi-finished and spare part inventories. The latter will help our dealers offer even better service to customers. I hope this new plant starts operating in June.”

A global employer with 240 employees worldwide, Vitulano says that in December 2022, Indeco responded to its workers’ concerns over rising energy and other living costs by raising salaries by around 10%. “At the end of the day, a company succeeds through the efforts of its people,” he stresses.

Indeco has made its first sales of breakers in Japan, a significant success given the strength of Japanese hydraulic breaker firms in the home market. Improving construction and mining customer demand in Australia is also good news for the company, which has distribution and service premises in Melbourne and Sydney.

The first manufacturer to launch the smart hammer on the market in 1985, Indeco is among the first to offer a range of hydraulic attachments with 4.0 technology. This is thanks to the new remote monitoring system, Indeconnect, based on the principles of the Internet of Things, to prevent equipment obsolescence and maintain optimum performance over time.

Indeconnect consists of a proprietary device to be mounted on various equipment, provided with 4G technology for wireless interconnection to the network and a cloud-based web platform accessible from mobile (via app) or PC, with which to consult the data transmitted in real time by each installed device: hours of work performed, working position in space, hydraulic oil temperature, ambient temperature, and GPS location.

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