The Ripple effect from Tanattorn

Wasuwat Bunwit, managing director of Tanattorn, reflects on how the Ripple Delineator is spearheading the Thai manufacturer’s drive into the European road safety market
July 2, 2024
The Ripple Delineator creates a near-continuous reflective line along a barrier, especially important at night, thanks to the use of 3M Diamond Grade DG³ reflective sheeting (image courtesy Tanattorn)
The Ripple Delineator creates a near-continuous reflective line along a barrier, especially important at night, thanks to the use of 3M Diamond Grade DG³ reflective sheeting (image courtesy Tanattorn)

Europe is the next target for Tanattorn, a major traffic safety product manufacturer and retailer, as it expands outward from its home market, Thailand. And the product spearheading this expansion is the company’s Ripple Delineator, an innovative reflective device that affixes to barriers to alert approaching drivers of road layout.

The Ripple Delineator is highly regarded in Thailand with sales to all government transport offices in the country. Tanattorn has been supplying samples to the Chilean and Japanese markets and recently Hungary. Meanwhile, it has been well received in Europe by visitors to the company’s stand at the recent Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam.

“Now European road authorities and highways contractors are the focus as part of Tanattorn’s drive for a global presence in the road safety market,” says Wasuwat Bunwit, managing director of Tanattorn, based in Pathum Than on the outskirts of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. “Negotiations are continuing with a major distributor in Europe.”

For more than 30 years, Tanattorn has had the safety of the travelling public and highway workers as its top priority. The Ripple Delineator is yet another example of this, explains Bunwit. “Our experienced staff specialise in all product areas, from design work to fabrication with a focus on innovation and high standards. To this end, the Ripple Delineator marks a significant leap in road safety,” he says.

“We designed this product to replace the reflective targets, which were cumbersome and unattractive. Ripple Delineators have a flat horizontal shape while maintaining maximum reflectivity to not obstruct the driver's view,” he says. “They also provide safety in case of a collision,  as they do not protrude from the barrier. Maintenance is also easy - just a simple wipe and it will be as clean as new.”

Tanattorn’s Ripple Delineator comes in white, yellow, red and black (image courtesy Tanattorn)

Ripple Delineators are installed on the upper edges of road barriers, permanent or temporary, along major roads or around road works. They can also be fixed along the length of kerbs, all in order to guide vehicles along a curve, away from the edge of a road, or to warn of a work site. Importantly, the approaching driver sees the reflectors in a continuous line along the barrier. This amplifies the overall reflection, thereby boosting the alert to the driver that the road is curving.

The long and short of it 

- Length is 50cm 
- 3M Diamond Grade DG³ re ective sheeting
- Re ector size is 9cm x 2.4cm
- Comes in white, yellow, red and black
- Made from high-quality durable plastic
- Installed on a kerb or along a barrier
- Easy to clean, simply by wiping
- Can be cut to any length

As well, traditional steel delineators have sharp edges. Ripple Delineators are crafted from premium plastic to eliminate the blade-like characteristic of steel delineators. This reduces the risk of harm in the event of an accident during which property and people may come in swift contact with a delineator’s edge.

A Ripple Delineator comes in a 50cm length, but can be cut to any lesser length and also be cut down the middle for use on flat surfaces. It is highly visible, especially at night, thanks to the 3M Diamond Grade DG³ reflective sheeting.

As noted, Tanattorn has been in the business of road safety and saving lives for more than 30 years. It is a proud carrier of ISO 9001 : 2015, the most recent version of the International Standard for Quality Management. As such, Tanattorn delivers continual improvements to its products and services, driven by its customers’ needs. This leads to cost savings, improved efficiencies and greater consistency of service deliverables.


There are no plans at the moment to manufacture outside Thailand, says Bunwit. But because Tanattorn has ISO 9001 : 2015 accreditation, European customers can be assured of the highest standards and product quality to which they are accustomed. “Here in Thailand, with our production already maintained to European standards, we can keep a close watch on continued quality control for export to the European market.” 

Wasuwat BunwitAbout the author

Wasuwat Bunwit (pictured) holds an electronics engineering degree from the Thai-German Technical College, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, in Bangkok. He has been with the company since its founding 30 years ago. Tanattorn, with 120 employees, has annual sales of around US$15 million.

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