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In the world of road maintenance and paving, as well as construction, the issue of recovering material deriving from demolition and scarification is becoming increasingly urgent, with the dual objective of combining environmental protection with economic savings. Those who work in the sector are well aware of the huge costs of transporting and disposing of asphalt and material from demolition, as well as the costs for the purchase and transport of new raw materials to the site. Now, as never before, the sector features its own circular economy, particularly in regards to bituminous conglomerates: road paving can be recycled several times, in full compliance with the regulations in force.
October 26, 2023
Simex ART 1000 Asphalt Repair Technology
Simex ART 1000

Starting with the consolidated milling technology, developed and fine-tuned in over 30 years in the business, Simex can count on 14 models of PL cold planer for compact loaders, from 250 to 2000 mm widths, up to 350 mm depth. And on 7 models of PLB-PHD cold planer for excavators, from 200 to 600 mm widths, up to 200 mm depth.

Simex wide cold planers for road surface scarification

In the wide range of cold planers, Simex offers 4 models with oversized drums, specific for scarifying the road surface: PL 1000, 1200,1500 and 2000 road planers, with a width of 100, 120, 150 and 200 cm each, at a working depth of max. 130 mm.

Like other road planers in the range, the PL wide machines benefit from Simex-technological solutions, some of them patented, such as the self-levelling system to the road surface which ensures constant milling depth in any condition, regardless of ground contour or the position of the attachment with respect to the prime mover.  The independent depth adjustment on the right and left sides, granting perfectly flat surfaces with side-by-side passes; the floating transverse tilt that allows to keep the drum of the planer always aligned to the ground, even when the prime mover is not parallel to the road surface. The built-in water tank that controls dust produced during milling operation. And finally, the Performer device, which allows the operator to optimize the equipment’s performance according to the forward speed of the operating machine.

We visited two road construction sites where a PL 1000 was used respectively in the province of Vicenza, and a PL 2000 in the municipality of Florence. Let's find out the details.

Simex PL1000 ColdPlaner

PL 1000 in Bassano del Grappa (IT): scarification and asphalt restoration after the optical fiber installation by the company Loro Gino srl.

"To carry out the milling work, we relied on the PL 1000 planer set at a depth of 40 mm, mounted on our CAT299XE skid steer loader, thus obtaining excellent performance both in terms of restoration quality and forward speed", said Daniele Francia, site manager of Loro Gino srl, grandson of the founder. Loro Gino srl is a Bologna road construction company active since 1960, specializing in paving and urbanization, sewerage, earthmoving, demolition and construction.

"We chose Simex for the great reliability of the equipment, it is no coincidence that we own 4 other cold planers from the PL range in the company. Specifically, we really appreciate the new lateral slide, redesigned for protecting the corner-shaped hoses from abrasion when working flush to the wall" continued Daniele Francia.

After the installation of the optical fiber by another company, Loro Gino srl was contracted out for the milling and restoration of the deterioration deriving from trench backfilling. Thanks to the independent depth adjustment on the right and left sides, the operator was able to carry out two side-by-side passes in a precise way, for a total surface rehabilitation of 2 metres.

"Given the high hydraulic performance provided by the prime mover and the consequent rapid milling speed, I specifically asked Simex for an additional water system, in order to obtain an adequate dust abatement, which especially in city centers and residential areas can make a difference. Simex gladly accepted my request, supplying the equipment with 3 additional sprayers" concluded Francia.

Simex PL2000 ColdPlaner

PL 2000 in Florence (IT): the experience of the Bitumvie srl company with the widest cold asphalt planer for skid steer on the market.

Within the fascinating setting of Florence, we visited a road construction site where a PL 2000 was engaged in major milling work. «We are resurfacing the wearing course, at a depth of 30 mm, of two streets, within the urban fabric of the Tuscan capital», the owner of the Bitumvie srl company, Andrea Palmerani told us. «We needed an equipment that would guarantee a large milling surface, while remaining in the field of compact machines, therefore suitable for a city context» continued Palmerani. «The 2-metre-wide drum immediately attracted my attention: after which I proceeded with the analysis of the various technical data sheets that convinced me of the purchase».

The PL 2000 can be considered the big sister among the asphalt planers of the 1000-1200-1500 series, specially designed for scarifying the road surface course. Simex has implemented its offer of attachments dedicated to the road surface restoration, where it is necessary to intervene in a qualitative manner while guaranteeing speed of execution and a reduction in construction times, to the benefit of operators and traffic. This led to the creation of a model equipped with a 200 cm wide milling drum, the largest currently available on the market of cold planers for compact loaders.

The PL 2000 is designed to be coupled to the latest generation SSL - characterized by high hydraulic power - and benefits from all the Simex features that make the difference on site. For these reasons, the PL 2000 of the Bitumvie company was coupled to a Bobcat T86 skid steer loader, the flagship of the Bobcat line of compact tracked loaders. The Super Flow function guarantees an oil flow of 155 l/min, ideal for equipment such as the PL 2000 which requires a very powerful base machine to obtain the productivity required on site.

"The T86 is the ideal machine to push the PL 2000, because it combines high power with an improved lifting capacity" told us Fabrizio Scali, of Truck Italia spa, official Bobcat dealer for Tuscany, present on the Florentine construction site. "In addition, the electronic speed set-up allows a gradual and progressive advancement, which is a great benefit, like in this case, for the milling activities".

The combination of Simex PL 2000 and Bobcat T86 proved to be the trump card for the company Bitumvie srl, which certified an average advancement speed between 10 and 15 linear metres/min, with a milling depth set at 30 mm.

Simex PLB300

Simex PLB and PHD planers for excavators

Designed to mill pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces, the PLB and PHD planers for excavators are able to remove the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching, or are used to mill deteriorated sections for later resurfacing. The PLB and PHD planers ensure great versatility as they can work on any surface, including vertical and sloped. Such as in vault planing in tunnels for creating tracks and recesses, to accommodate cables of various kinds or pipes. The planers for excavators ensure scarification depth and uniformity along the tunnel profile. Scarification depth and uniformity are ensured thanks to the swinging support pivoted on the same rotation axis of the milling drum, maintaining a perfect planing surface in any condition.

Simex ART
Simex ART 1000

Simex ART 1000: technology for the on-site rehabilitation of wearing course through a cold regeneration process

Simex ART is an attachment for compact loaders (track loaders and skid steers), designed for the restoration of deteriorated road surfaces through a cold regeneration technology of the bituminous conglomerate. ART is a patented technology which reuses 100% of the material present on site without removing the milled material or adding other aggregates. It is used in functional road surface maintenance, at a depth varying between 30 and 100 mm. The equipment combines asphalt milling with the particle size reduction and mixing of rejuvenators.

Simex ART 1000 won the SaMoTer Innovation Award 2023 in the attachment category for “the revolutionary process for the road recycling sector, with low running costs and high operating safety”. The cold regeneration of deteriorated asphalt, for the immediate on-site restoration of road surface distress, brings various operational and environmental advantages.

Operational advantages
• Restoration of road surface distress, quickly and with long-lasting results, which allows for adequate road maintenance planning.
• A dynamic and smaller construction site: no large machines are required, which significantly reduces traffic disruption. A reduced number of workers and a single vehicle (truck) which transports all the equipment on site.
• Money savings: zero costs for the procurement and transport of new mixes and virgin aggregates, in addition to not having to remove and dispose of the RAP. 
• suitable for activity on surfaces of limited size.

Environmental advantages
• No impact: pre-existing materials are reused, recycling and rehabilitating aged bitumen. Technically, this operation can also be repeated in subsequent maintenance operations.
• Use of eco-friendly materials.
• No handling or management of special materials or waste.
• On site recycling ensures save of energy if compared to traditional laying of hot mixes.

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