VF Venieri: the perfect marriage of quality & competitive TCO

Established in Lugo in 1948, VF Venieri (Venieri) has always kept its HQ and production facility in Emilia-Romagna’s Motor Valley. The company’s mission is to supply earthmoving machinery renowned for its high performance, productivity and flexibility, coupled with very competitive TCO (total cost of ownership).
July 6, 2023
VF Venieri: the perfect marriage of quality & competitive TCO


Celebrating its 75th trading year, Venieri has invested in manufacturing heavy-duty, multifunctional compact toll carrier machines since its creation. Its first earthmoving machine equipped with a hydrostatic transmission was produced in 1968.

VF Venieri: the perfect marriage of quality & competitive TCOVenieri’s comprehensive model range includes the popular VF8.23G and VF10.23E multifunctional backhoe loaders. All Venieri machines have Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic transmissions, Tier 5 engines (Deutz or Kubota) and heavy-duty Dana-Spycer or Carraro axles.

Venieri supports its European market customers through its distributor partners. The manufacturer is very keen to extend its distributor network through Scandinavia, which it sees as a strong market for its products.

Venieri says it is committed to growing its small/middle-size equipment range of heavy-duty products powered by the best available components offered by the premium market.

The company also says its small Venieri WL range reflects its soul: compact, powerful and unlimited.

VF Venieri: the perfect marriage of quality & competitive TCO“Our exclusive products bring solutions to jobsites,” says Filippo Muccinelli Venieri, Venieri’s managing director. “We are focused on compact but heavy-duty products with long life cycles that can be retrofitted. To be a real tool carrier, you need a very strong high-flow architecture, and our modular solution is the best in its category.”

Speaking at the 31st edition of SaMoTer (3-7 May 2023) in Verona, Filippo says the ten Venieri equipment models showcased illustrate how the company can customise its machines to domestic and international market customers. “All our machine range has been upgraded regarding engines, transmissions, and onboard technology. A highlight for me at the show is our 1.33C mini backhoe loader. It is a one-of-a-kind machine with four-wheel drive.

​VF Venieri: the perfect marriage of quality & competitive TCO [Click and drag to move] ​“The Italian market is not booming like last year, but it is still solid. It has benefited from a lot of Government investment in infrastructure and environmental works.”

Filippo says Venieri plans to introduce a range of fully-electric and hybrid diesel-electric powered small wheeled loader models. “They will be high-capability machines with high autonomy.”

He comments on Venieri’s investment in machine digitalisation: “We have our Venieri GLOBAL system, a Topcon-made system which gives machine diagnostics and performance data. However, we don’t believe in exchanging humans for technology. Humans are still a very important part of our business.”

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