January 18, 2021 5 mins Read
Virtual sensors will allow a safer driving experience and reduce road maintenance costs. Tactile Mobility’s Eitan Grosbard talks to David Arminas
January 14, 2021 3 mins Read
Given the increase in vehicle numbers and that modern vehicles are heavier, it is more important for modern highways to be constructed to higher…
January 12, 2021 2 mins Read
Kohler has developed a sophisticated compact hybrid system aimed at industrial applications
January 11, 2021 4 mins Read
IRF president Bill Halkias shares the Federation’s view on post-Covid
January 11, 2021 7 mins Read
The third and final construction stage on Sydney’s WestConnex project has begun, including the underground Rozelle Interchange – with a lot of help…
December 17, 2020 3 mins Read
Improving road safety can be expensive, especially for low- to middle-income countries. The Global Road Safety Facility has been working hard to…
December 15, 2020 3 mins Read
Equipment from Ammann has played a key role in renovating a section of the N2 highway in Switzerland
December 14, 2020 4 mins Read
A new additive from Iterchimica aims to help minimise icing on asphalt surfaces in winter conditions
December 11, 2020
No one could have predicted the situation we found ourselves in in 2020, with a global pandemic bringing the economy to its knees, projects delayed…
December 9, 2020 3 mins Read
The use of innovative technology could optimise infrastructure construction operations…