Road development plan for Mexico’s Jalisco State

A major road improvement programme is planned for Mexico’s Jalisco State.
Road Structures / March 24, 2020 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Mexico’s Jalisco State is seeing improvements to its road network – image courtesy © courtesy of Iainhamer,

Mexico’s Jalisco State will benefit from a road development programme. The local authorities plan to spend US$134.4 million on improving roads in the state.

By mid 2020, around 50% of Jalisco State’s 4,421km road network  will be in good condition. The plan is to see 70% of the road network in good condition within a nine month period. This represents a significant improvement as before the road improvements commenced, around 80% of the state’s network was in poor condition.

Work to build six new road connections will be completed in 2021. These will improve transport between: Colotlan and Aguascalientes; Autlan and Chamela; Talpa de Allende and Tomatlan; Chiquilistlan and Tapalpa; Huejuquilla and Bolanos; Teocuitatlan and Concepcion de Buenos Aires.