Colombian road projects recommencing

Colombia is restarting road construction works on key links.
Highway & Network Management / May 18, 2020 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Work is restarting on key road projects in Colombia - image © courtesy of Wollertz,

Colombia is restarting construction works on a series of transport infrastructure projects across the country. So far, work has been restarted on 37 infrastructure projects, with a further 41 projects due to recommence activities in due course.

Road projects where work is getting underway include the links connecting Cartagena with Barranquilla, Antioquia with Bolivar, Santa Marta with Riohacha-Paraguachon, Cambao with Manizales and Girardot with Puerto Salgar. They also include the links connecting Chirajara with Fundadores, Villavicencio with Yopal, Santana with Mocoa, Bogota with Girardot, Bogota with Villavicencio, Bogota with Villeta, Briceno with Sogamoso, Fontibon with Alpes, and Girardot with Cajamarca.

Other road projects for which work is restarting are the Circunvalar de la Prosperidad, the Ruta del Sol III, the Transversal de las Americas, and the AcceNorte.