Colombia’s road expansion programme continues

Colombia’s massive road expansion programme is continuing.
Maintenance / December 22, 2020 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Colombia is working on a new road improvement and expansion programme - image © courtesy of Wollertz,
Colombia is pushing ahead with its massive programme of road expansion. The aim of this programme is to improve transport and communications, which will help develop the country’s economy. The latest plans have been put forward by the Colombian economic and social policy council (Conpes). Phase two of the project will be from 2021 to 2025.

The programme will see repairs, maintenance and upgrade work being carried out on a massive scale across the country. Around 1,070km of existing roads will be upgraded, while an additional 89km of new roads will be built. The programme comes with a budget of around US$2.55 billion.

Work will be carried out the roads connecting San Francisco with Mocoa, San Jose del Guaviare with Calamar and Neiva with San Vicente del Caguan and Transversal Momposina. The programme also includes construction of the Tunel Toyo road tunnel link.