Bids in for Vukosavlje-Raca motorway

The tender for the 70km motorway within Bosnia’s Republika Srpska is divided into three lots.
October 30, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Seventy-kilometer motorway plan for Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (photo © Helga11/Dreamstime)

The motorway agency for the autonomous Bosnian entity Republika Srpska said 10 companies are interested in constructing the motorway between Vukosavlje and Raca.

Dusan Topic, head of the agency, said the tender for the 70km motorway that was issued mid-year is divided into three lots: Brcko-Bijeljina, Bijeljina-Raca and Vukosavlje-Brcko. The total value of all three projects is estimated at around €511 million.

Chinese and Serbian companies are reportedly interested in some of the lots.

The cost of the 33km Vukosavlje-Brcko section is estimated at €307 million, the 17km Brcko-Bijeljina section at almost €159 million and the 20km Bijeljina-Raca section around €225 million.

The Vukosavlje-Brcko section will have three interchanges, whereas one interchange will be on the Brcko-Bijeljina section. The third section, from Bijeljina to Raca, should feature two interchanges and a new customs terminal at the end of the section that borders onto Serbia.

The tenders are based on competitive dialogue and the number of companies invited to take part will be limited to four.

The candidate or the group of candidates that get the contracts will provide 85% or more of the financing for the design and construction, according to the tender documents.