Celebrating the bright future of women in construction with The Digger Girl

March 30, 2023
The Digger Girl at Conexpo 2023

To highlight the growing role women are playing in construction, the largest trade show in North America unveiled the world’s largest 3D-printed statue of a female construction worker at its 2020 conference.

Three years on, diversity and inclusion were again some of the key topics at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas. 

A number of influential women were invited to share their experiences of working in construction. A panel of industry leaders addressed the importance of attracting qualified women -  and recognising the needs of women, to keep them in the industry while developing a culture of inclusivity.

Social media influencer and excavator driver Amy Underwood, best-known as The Digger Girl, was attending the show.  

A mum of two, Amy has been working as a digger driver for 10 years, and is passionate about the industry. She started sharing her work journey online and quickly became a social media superstar, working with big brands like Hyundai. The Digger Girl has nearly 500,000 followers globally. Her creative content is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and recently on YouTube where she shares weekly video updates on her daily life as a girl working in construction.

During the busy show we asked The Digger Girl a couple of questions on Women in Construction. Her message is very positive, inspiring and optimistic: 

What does the future look like for women in construction?

The future is looking bright, there are a lot more opportunities for women in construction nowadays and a lot more support out there. It is becoming more welcoming work place for women.

What are the superpowers of women in construction?

We are quicker, neater and more efficient - also cleaner! 

What advice would you give young women who would like to work in construction?  

Just go for it! It is still heavy male-dominated industry, but we are getting there slowly. There are challenges, same as any job, but if you really want to do something – just go for it! 

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