China gears up for its giant CICEE construction equipment show at the Changsha exhibition centre in May 2023

China has announced that its CICEE International Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held from May 12-15, 2023 in Changsha, and forward bookings are looking very strong.
January 19, 2022
CICEE 2023


China has announced that its CICEE International Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held in Changsha from May 12-15, 2023, and forward bookings are looking very strong.

The Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) is jointly organised by the China Federation of Mechanical Engineering Industry, the China Construction Machinery Society, and the Changsha Municipal People's Government.

At the last CICEE in May 2021, more than 300,000 square metres of exhibition space in 2021 were taken by more than 1,450 participating companies. 32 of the world’s 50 leading construction equipment manufacturers took part and the organisers report that 100 professional forums and high-level meetings took place during the show.

At a recent press conference, Shen Yumou, director of the show’s organising committee, and general manager of the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, where Changsha is located, said: “The dividends from reforms in the Hunan Free Trade Zone are accelerating. Multi-level political opportunities for economic development with unlimited potential and business opportunities are emerging, and Hunan's external image and influence are multiplied.

“The organizing committee of the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will make full use of international best practices to turn the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition into a world-class exhibition with a high level of promotion and planning, space preparation.”

At the same meeting, Peng Huasong, executive director of the organizing committee and vice mayor of the Municipal People's Government of Changsha, said that the event, which will take place at the Changsha International Exhibition Centre from May 12 to 15, 2023, is planned to attract 1,800 exhibitor companies and 400,000 visitors, including at least 30,000 foreign visitors.

The exhibition will focus on: "Digitalisation, internationalisation and specialisation" say the organisers and there will be four main themes:

1. Updating the concept and comprehensively improving the competitiveness of the exhibition.

“CICEE 2023 will focus more on trade transactions and strive to become a service platform for global construction machinery companies to enter the Chinese market”, say the organisers. The show will help “Chinese construction machinery companies to enter the international market, and international construction machinery manufacturers and international construction companies (to undertake more) exchange and cooperation. Focusing on new technologies, new achievements, and new products, such as intelligence, digitalisation, and new energy in the construction machinery industry, (the event will showcase the) use of 5G, AR, VR, immersive interaction, new media marketing, digital management tools and other new technologies. We expect 10 million virtual visits online.

2. Expansion of cooperation and comprehensive strengthening of international influence.

“CICEE 2023 will further increase international visibility, deepen international agency co-operation and co-operation based on existing foreign cooperation”, say the organisers. “CICEE 2023 will help develop new foreign co-operation organisations with foreign governments, chambers of commerce and associations, builders' organizations, construction associations and world media. Thanks to the work deployed in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as the creation of an overseas network for the purposes of the exhibition, which involves more than 30,000 international buyers and professional visitors, a significant increase in the international influence of the exhibition is expected.”

3. Refocusing on the platform, in order to comprehensively expand the service capabilities of the exhibition.

“The CICEE Organizing Committee will fully play the role of a bridge and link to fully support the development of the global construction machinery industry”, say the organisers. “The CICEE organising committee has established the Changsha International Construction Machinery Market Research Institute, which cooperates with national industry associations. The Institute will publish information on the international construction machinery market once a month, publish an international construction machinery procurement index every six months, and annually edit and publish the ‘International Construction Machinery Development Report’. An industry database of media resources will therefore be created, and domestic and foreign industry media will be united into an international media alliance, with the aim of creating an international press centre for construction equipment.”

4. Development of activities to disseminate information about the exhibition.

“CICEE 2023 will further improve the organisation of exhibition activities, expand the influence and disseminate information about the exhibition,” say the organisers. “30 international competitions, top-level industry forums and 100 enterprise business summits will be organised, including the Global CTO Summit on Construction Machinery, the Global Construction Machinery Network Conference, the Global Construction Machinery Procurement Conference, the Infrastructure Summit."

The One Belt, One Road mega project will also be used to demonstrate “innovation competition in the field of intelligent construction equipment and will be used to show intelligent construction equipment in action.”

Zhou Xiangbiao, general secretary of the China Construction Machinery Society, said: “In order to encourage exhibitors to introduce new technologies and new products at the exhibition, the CICEE Organizing Committee has established the Golden Gear awards,” designed to recognise winning technologies and ground-breaking new products.

The next show will continue the "China Construction Machinery Technology Development Forum" (CTO Forum), which was launched at the last CICEE. The forum is hosted by the China Construction Machinery Society under the banner of "innovation, co-ordination, environmental friendliness, openness and sharing". This theme will allow the forum to invite industry leaders, scholars, and experts in construction equipment, as well as technical directors (CTOs) of 50 leading international construction equipment enterprises to talk about their achievements and plans for the future.

At the previous forum, Chen Bin, vice chairman of the China Federation of Mechanical Engineering, spoke about the development plan of China's machinery industry for the fourteenth five-year plan and there were keynote addresses from Yang Huayong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dr. Oemer Sahin of the German Academy of Sciences and Engineering and Bian Yongmin, Chairman of the Chinese Society for Construction Machinery.

Presentations were made by Executive President Yi Xiaogang of Sany Heavy Industry, Vice President Fu Ling of Zoomlion, and Chief Engineer Ling Mingzhi of LiuGong.

Expect meetings and presentations at CICEE from: “The China Construction Industry Association, the China Highway Society, the China Association of Foreign Contractors, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronics, the China Construction Enterprise Management Association, the China Association of Chemical Industry Construction Enterprises, the China Railway Construction Company and others.”

Exhibitor stands will cover, say the organisers: “Road construction, overseas construction, Belt and Road infrastructure construction, construction equipment technology and management innovation, lifting industry development, underground construction equipment and industrial development, and equipment leasing.”

The organisers hope that there will be a return to international travel by May of next year, and that visitors will be back in person, in good numbers. For instance, Yung Han Shen, General Manager of Asia Reps Spa in Chile: “We hope to send a delegation of 1,000 people to Changsha to visit CICEE 2023.”