Intermat Innovation Awards 2024: the best and brightest

It was an exciting evening at the Intermat 2024 Innovation Awards dinner which saw the best and the brightest showcase their products and services. It was no easy task for the judges of 9th edition of the competition, with members of the jury meeting several times to determine the nominees for the awards.
April 26, 2024 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Intermat Innovation Awards 2024, where the cream of the crop picked up their awards for outstanding excellence in products and services

Bomag picked up a gold in the category Roads, Materials and Foundations Industries for its Emergency Brake Assist for road construction machines. The assist prevents collisions while protecting the hot asphalt surface from damage. The machine continuously scans its surroundings for perfect coverage. System is able to detect potential hazards before they occur. This allows for the early application of automatic deceleration strategies.

Moog Construction walked off with the gold in the category Low Carbon/Energy Transition for its TerraTech EcoSystem. The product is a a proven integrated electric ecosystem combining control software, durable hardware (electric cylinders, vehicle control modules, motors, controllers, energy management) and digital insights through IoT, Internet of Things.

In the Building, Civil Engineering and Concrete category, Betolar carried of the gold for its Geoprime Hollow-Core Slab. The Geoprime Hollow-Core Slab solution - which the company says is the world’s lowest-emission hollow core slab - helps concrete element manufacturers meet the demand for low-carbon building products. The company's solutions are easy to implement as they do not require major investments or changes to current production. Betolar’s Geoprime is a sustainable, low-carbon concrete material solution. It converts previously unused high-volume industrial side streams into a substitute for cement. Geoprime Hollow-Core Slabs are equivalent to traditional cement-based slabs but have up to 75% lower carbon footprint.

The gold winner in the category Earthmoving, Demolition, Transport was Dynaset for its HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket. The bucket transforms the hydraulic power of the base machine into powerful vacuum suction and air blower. HRVB is a compact and integrated all-in-one attachment unit for gathering, recycling and sorting material, scrap and similar matter found at construction sites, parks, roads and railways. The HRVB unit also works as a powerful air blower to clean and collect lighter matters like leaves. The HRVB is designed as an attachment for the excavators and material handling machines. As a stock order, the HRVB unit also comes with a 7.5m-long suction hose for the auxiliary suction port for vacuuming material by hand.

And finally, Tenstar was selected for a gold in the Modern Technologies category for its Virtual Training Space. The company says that it is the only one in the world that lets several users exercise and learn together in a range of different fields, such as construction, agriculture or the transport sector. It's a system of several training simulators connected in a sandbox environment.

To see the complete lineup of the winners and entrants, click here to visit the Intermat 2024 website.

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