Virginia tunnel and bridge expansion stage complete

A key stage of the Virginia tunnel and bridge project is stage complete.
April 26, 2024 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
The first key stage of project to increase capacity in Virginia’s Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion is now complete – image courtesy of © Calvin L. Leake|

Progress is being seen for the US$3.9 billion Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion project in Virginia. The bore for the first 2.4km stretch of the new tunnel has been completed. Close to 1,200 tunnel rings were installed at the rear of the TBM as it carried out the drive.

The project remains 18 months behind schedule because of "Unforeseen cost and schedule impacts", according to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The massive Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion project (HRBT) in Virginia is one of the largest transport infrastructure projects in the US at present.

The two tunnels will measure 13.7km in diameter and should be ready for drivers in February 2027. Once the HRBT project is complete, it will provide a major boost for transport in the area. The existing facilities have proven unable to complete with the massive increase in the local population and vehicle numbers.

The project includes a 16km stretch of the I-64 route being widened, with additional lanes being added in either direction along the route. Two new bridges are being added and others replaced, while several key junctions are being upgraded.

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