Compact and versatile electric compaction plate from Ammann

Ammann says that its prototype eAPX 68/95 3D Vibratory Compactor offers an innovative solution for compaction works, particularly in restricted urban working areas.
January 13, 2023
Ammann eAPX 68/95
Ammann eAPX 68/95

According to the firm, eAPX 68/95 is the first vibratory plate on the market that can move in an arc, circle or turn on the spot. The novel battery-powered eAPX 68/95 prototype has an operating height of just 700mm coupled with the ability to move in all directions. Its versatility allows it to be used in tricky trench applications, including those with support systems and cross braces, while it can also be used in open spaces. The unit features four working shafts, in an X shape as well as a curved base plate, ensuring that the 620kg compactor offers high manoeuvrability. A remote-control unit allows the operator to manoeuvre the eAPX 68/95 from a safe distance, even in narrow trenches and areas difficult to access. The control system ensures that the operator can steer the eAPX 68/95 accurately along straight lines or hard-to-reach spots.

Four battery-powered electric motors mean that the machine can work in applications off-limits to internal combustion engines, including indoors and enclosed spaces. The unit can run for around 80 minutes before needing recharging. The eAPX 68/95 utilises lithium ironphosphate (LFP) batteries to maximise safety. The batteries and their advanced management system are robust against high temperatures, overcharging, and mechanical damage. The drive requires little maintenance as it has no hydraulics, operating fluids or gears.

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