Dynapac’s vision for an emissions-free future

Dynapac sets out its vision for an emission-free, technology-driven future. And that future is called the Z.ERA
August 4, 2021
Dynapac Z.ERA


The step-by-step phasing out of fossil fuels coupled with the advent of advanced technology is driving innovation at a faster rate than ever before.  Construction equipment manufacturer Dynapac is focusing on the change to an emission-free, technology-driven future. And that is reflected in a new company wide initiative known as Z.ERA.

“Z.ERA is a program we have put in place to focus our attention on an emissions-free future,” says Dynapac President Paul Hense. “It will define every aspect of our business from the development of advanced zero emission machines, through to embracing technology to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and our dealers.  It is our manifesto for a cleaner future.”

Within the Z.ERA program, Dynapac underscores its commitment to helping customers reduce their environmental impact by developing several electrical powered machines – the innovative electric powered tandem roller called CC900 e being first in line.  

Electric Roller

To ensure that this revolutionary new product meet the specific needs of end users, Dynapac has developed the CC900 e in co-operation with global contractor SKANSKA.  From the very beginning of the research and development phase, SKANSKA has reviewed specifications and prototype machines. Another customer, LOXAM, the N°1 equipment rental company in Europe is giving valuable feedback, starting the field-test of a CC1000 e within short.

“Co-operation is the key to developing a successful product and direct user input is incredibly valuable to a project of this kind. From the user perspective, it is equally important to be acquainted with the equipment at an early stage. Even though the compaction performance is unchanged, there are still small changes that have to be the work procedures when transitioning from traditional fossil fuel to electric power,” says Dynapac’s Fredrik Åkesson.  “The earlier operators can be exposed to those changes, the easier it will be to adapt to the new equipment.”

Electrification of Dynapac SD2500CS

Adding to the CC900 e is also the electrification of the SD2500 paver, a project ongoing together with Kws (part of the VolketWessels infrastructuur) working closely with UMS (developer), Dynapac (manufacturer) and Van der Spek (dealer), to realise the first production model.

Dynapac Z.ERA2Axel Mooren, Vice President Business Unit Pavers Dynapac states "We are very proud to participate in the electrification of our SD2500CS finishing machine, together with our customer KWS and our partners VDS and UMS. This project fits perfectly into our strategic Z.ERA program, where we reduce emissions step by step for each of our products, without sacrificing our performance."

Paul Hense says Dynapac is undaunted at the scale of the challenge ahead. Rather, he says the company is excited at the prospect of helping to forge a sustainable future.

“As a company and as a society, we have never faced a greater challenge or a bigger opportunity,” Paul Hense concludes.  “Rising to that challenge and seizing that opportunity is what our Z.ERA initiative is all about.”

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