Efficient concrete testing technology available

Giatec is now offering the improved SmartRock mobile application with key upgrades.
February 8, 2021

The firm says that this intuitive mobile app and user interface design offers contractors access to a more comprehensive analysis of concrete performance.

All the updates have been designed to cope with the fast-changing environment on construction jobsites by speeding up and improving the ease of collection and analysis of concrete data. With these upgrades, SmartRock users can now activate multisensor processing options that allow them to automatically connect to every embedded sensor within range and download data all on one page within the app. This streamlines the process of collecting and analysing sensor data. In addition, the new design includes easy-to-interpret gauges that provide more thorough details and insights into the temperature and curing conditions of placed concrete.

The firm claims that the new development to the SmartRock mobile app and its ability to download all sensor data in one shot allows a user to further reduce the project schedule to deliver even faster access to concrete testing results.

SmartRock is a widely used wireless concrete sensor, currently being implemented in over 6,200 construction projects across 45 countries worldwide.

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