Efficient recycling system for asphalt plants

Ammann has developed an effective technology for introducing RAP into the asphalt mix with its innovative RAH100 recycling system.
January 6, 2023


According to the firm, this is capable of producing mix containing up to 100% recycled materials. Ammann says that the quality of the mix is high, despite the use of RAP. The key advance that allows the use of RAP in such a high percentage has been the development of a gentle heating process. The firm recognises also that using up to 100% RAP in the feed is dependent on the availability of quality material as well as efficient logistics with regard to its retrieval and storage. For applications where lower quantities of RAP are to be used in the feed, Ammann also offers the RAH50 and RAH60 dryers, which have maximum usage of 50% and 60% RAP, respectively. In addition, the firm offers the RAC system, which can handle up to 40% RAP in the feed.

All Ammann recycling systems are able to produce high-quality mix with 100% virgin aggregate if so desired.

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