Generate real-world ROI with reality modeling!

Understanding existing site conditions is essential to efficiently design, build, and operate road networks around the world. But how can the real-world be captured quickly and cost-effectively?
September 8, 2022
Courtesy of RS&H
Courtesy of RS&H

Reality modeling is going mainstream in the transportation industry as it provides real-world digital context for infrastructure projects, enabling organisations to improve worker safety, start projects faster, iterate designs more efficiently, and share information more effectively.

Bentley’s reality modeling software solutions automatically generate high-fidelity 3D reality models from simple photographs and/or point clouds. These reality data can be captured from a variety of devices and techniques, including aerial LiDAR, drone photography, hand-held cameras, terrestrial laser scanners, mobile mapping systems, and even smartphones. The process brings new opportunities to optimize workflows to win projects.

Courtesy of Alabama DOT
Courtesy of Alabama DOT

You can manage an unlimited number of high resolution photographs, dense point clouds, and panoramic images to gather the information needed to create high-fidelity georeferenced 3D models, reducing health and safety risks for works at dangerous sites. These 3D reality models are quickly generated and available in many formats for users to incorporate into their design, construction, analysis and operation workflows.

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