High haulage capacity from Volvo CE

Volvo CE claims that its all-new E-generation R60 rigid hauler suits duties in heavy-duty quarrying applications. Aimed at markets with Tier 2-compliant engines and based on the R100E model, the R60 offers a higher payload than the D-generation model it replaces, along with a durable design and new safety-enhancing features.
August 28, 2023
Volvo CE says that its new R60 truck offers productivity, durability and safety for quarrying
Volvo CE says that its new R60 truck offers productivity, durability and safety for quarrying

The R60 offers a 55tonne payload and body volume of 36m3, enabled by a V-shaped body ensuring optimum load retention and minimal material carry-back. It can be pass matched with a 90tonne class excavator and an optional onboard weighing system is offered that helps optimise payloads.

The drivetrain delivers high torque and high traction force to cope with steep gradients. The Volvo Dynamic Shift Control is said to adapt gear selection to varying conditions, while ECO mode allows the truck to use efficient gear shifting schedules. In addition, auto engine-idle shutdown eliminates unnecessary fuel consumption and engine wear. The rigid hauler is available with the Volvo CareTrack telematics system to allow remote machine monitoring and boost efficiency.  Important features include a low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution for stability and spread the impact of loads and stresses across the machine, a high-strength chassis and a responsive MacPherson strut with lower wishbone connection for the front suspension.

Servicing of the R60 is required every 500 hours and benefits from grouped maintenance points located within easy reach either from the ground or the service platform. Onboard diagnostics provide insights into system pressures and temperatures, and fault reporting to facilitate and speed up troubleshooting. 

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