Mini pavers from Vӧgele

Vögele is introducing four new mini road pavers to its range that are able to pave widths from 0.25-1.8m. There are four model options offering a choice of tracks or wheels as well as the choice of diesel or electric power.
February 8, 2023
Compact pavers are now being  introduced by Vögele, with a choice of electric or diesel power and tracks or wheels
Compact pavers are now being introduced by Vögele, with a choice of electric or diesel power and tracks or wheels

The new machines round off the lower end of Vögele's wide range of asphalt paving products. These models have been added to the range as there is a demand for versatile tools that can be used at small construction sites, a market that is expected to increase. The mini pavers allow customers to complete small paving jobs quickly and cost-effectively, taking the place of manual processes.

The four compact models share many features and the tracked MINI 500 is available with diesel power or as an e-variant, with battery electric drive.  Similarly, the MINI 502 wheeled model is offered with a choice of diesel power or as the battery electric e-variant. The machines are suitable for use in small-scale construction projects that include constructing cycle and pedestrian paths, paving between railroad tracks as well as repair work in small inner-city sites.

The standard screed working width is 0.8m and it can be enlarged up to 1.35m hydraulically. The minimum paving width can be reduced down to 0.25m, while the width can be built up to a maximum of 1.8m using bolt-on extensions.

Compact transport dimensions of 2,670 x 870 x 1,585mm and low weights of between 1tonne and 1.5tonnes are said to allow for easy transport. A narrow turning radius is a feature of both the wheeled or tracked variants.

The battery-electrical drive systems used in the MINI 500e and the MINI 502e models suits them for use in urban areas where there are tight restrictions on emissions or for use in underground operations. The Vögele electric mini pavers are said to offer a sustainable production system when used in combination with the CompactLine electric rollers from sister firm Hamm.

The new MINI series has been developed in partnership with Italian firm CM, which will also make the units for Vögele. The Wirtgen Group has further plans to expand its range of electric machines in the future also.

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