New and User-friendly PERI UP Scaffolding Components Combine Efficiency and Safety

The tried and tested components of the PERI UP Scaffolding Kit are now available in optimised form
June 1, 2021
PERI UP Scaffolding Kit
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When it comes to the new PERI UP components, the focus is well and truly on the user: the tried and tested PERI UP Flex components, standards, steel decks, horizontal ledgers and braces, are now up to 27 percent lighter than before. The actual weight saving depends on the length of the respective PERI UP component.

This enables users to conserve energy and work more ergonomically and can save valuable time and money on the construction site. At the same time, users benefit from a high load-bearing capacity in the system. The optimised components are fully compatible with the existing PERI UP Scaffolding Kit.

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In addition, the lower weight means that the components are now even easier to handle and install. The new PERI UP Steel Decks are now even lighter and easier to grip because of their optimised web plates. The profile heights of the decks vary based on the length. Thanks to the reduced profile heights, less space is required for transport and storage. The PERI UP Horizontal Ledgers now have three holes. This allows you to install several ledger braces in a single horizontal ledger to support higher horizontal loads in a single scaffold bay. Thanks to the optimised connections, the PERI UP Ledger Braces can be installed in confined spaces even more easily.

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PERI UP has been successfully used on a wide variety of construction projects since the mid-1990s. The innovative scaffolding technology eliminates systemic restrictions between frame and modular scaffolding. Due to the special PERI UP scaffold node as well as the metric grid in 25 cm or 50 cm increments, PERI UP Easy and PERI UP Flex components can be flexibly combined with each other.

PERI supports customers in composing their individual scaffolding and offers the right solution for every scaffolding area. With its low number of different components, the innovative scaffolding system can be used efficiently for a large variety of applications – from facade scaffolding for refurbishments, 3D scaffolding in building construction, as a heavy-duty tower for civil engineering applications to reinforcement scaffolds in concrete construction. PERI also offers customers optimally compatible formwork and scaffolding from a single source.

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Since the company was founded in 1969, PERI is dedicated to making construction work more economical, faster and safer. Therefore, PERI already takes product and work safety into consideration during the development of the components. PERI UP is characterised by intelligent safety features which ensure safe and efficient working with and on the scaffold. For example, PERI UP decks have an integrated lift lock. The PERI UP ledgers lock almost automatically due to their connection in the form of a wedge when the bolt is hooked into the rosette opening and then tightened with a hammer blow. Anti-slip coverings, all-round protection by railings and trip-free work surfaces made possible by the metric grid further increase safety.

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