Piling rig control system from Trimble

Trimble is offering machine control options for piling and drilling machines from ABI Maschinenfabrik und Vertriebsgesellschaft as well as Junttan.
December 29, 2022
Trimble piling system
Trimble piling system

The Trimble Groundworks package is a 3D machine control system said to improve efficiency and reduce downtime with stakeless navigation, productivity and quality monitoring, and office-to-field connectivity.

The integration of Trimble software in the office and Trimble Groundworks in the field can increase the efficiency and productivity of piling operations, wirelessly syncing data to reduce site visits and provide a single data source.

Trimble Groundworks allows operators to create an in-field design for piling and create piling reports.

To reduce blind spots, administrators can set avoidance zones in the design file. With stakeless workflows, Trimble Groundworks is said to reduce the need for surveyors to be near the machine, making jobsites safer. For an ABI MOBILRAM-System or DELMAG drill rig, the option to install a Trimble Groundworks base kit provides mounting hardware, brackets and an integrated wiring harness.Having the system installed in the factory can reduce the cost and complexity of the installation for the customer.

“Trimble enables our customers to map the entire construction process from planning to quality management. On construction sites, for example, the pile grid does not have to be measured in place,” said Tobias Schmidt, head of control engineering electrics at ABI. “A significant advantage of the Trimble Ready solution is the direct communication with the ABI control system, so that the sensor technology available on the machines can be integrated.”

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