Pilosio flies high with Flydeck

The Flydeck system from Pilosio simplifies and speeds up the assembly of suspended scaffolding and structures more safely.Importantly, because it is an under-bridge suspended system, there is no need to stop bridge traffic or close lanes. The system consists of 25cm or 45cm aluminium or steel lattice girders connected by patented pins and spring pins.
January 17, 2023
Pilosio flies high with Flydeck


The girders are installed using the Flyrail rail. The cantilevered girders of the Flydeck surface are supported by the Flyrail rail, while the operator arranges the surface and anchors it in full safety.Loading capacity is up to 150kg/m² with tie-rods every 6m² and loading capacity up to 300kg/m² with tie-rods every 4m². The result is a perfectly horizontal plane for workers in any situation where a suspended solution is needed.

Furthermore, with the use of the Flyrail beam for mounting the Flydeck table, work can be undertaken without difficulty and in complete safety. With this solution, Pilosia says that pillars and pier-caps can be encircled and continued in the next span.

Importantly, there is no limitation in width, length or load capacity. The system is modular and uses beams and scaffolding decks of any make, model, shape and size.

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