Prototype electric loader from Komatsu at bauma

Komatsu is unveiling its prototype electric compact wheeled loader, which has been designed and built together with Moog, a specialist in the field of precision control components and systems. Moog’s Intelligent electric system includes an electric traction motor, lift, tilt and steering electric cylinders, power electronics, system control computer, battery, and battery management system. The integrated control system connects and coordinates the actions across the machine, while the all-electric actuators and motors drive the machine’s traction and loading system, offering high efficiency and controllability.
January 16, 2023


“To achieve our CO2 emission reduction targets from products in use of 50% by 2030 from 2010 levels, to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2050, we are looking for promising technologies from suppliers to accelerate our electric machine development,” said Seiichi Fuchita, chief technology officer (CTO) and president of Development Division at Komatsu.

“The machine built together with Moog combines the strengths of both companies and was finalised within a short period of time and we expect the joint testing will show the advantages of a full electric machine.”

The companies are testing the electric loader jointly to prove that it can achieve a new level of efficiency, operating time, and comfort. The companies will show that the operating cycle is extended, and, with innovative assist functions, provides a comfortable environment for the operator.

The prototype’s intelligent machine electrification system is designed to be connected and automation-ready. The system has the sensing and control capabilities needed for automation while the integrated software framework comes with built-in tools to coordinate multiple axes of motion and precisely control torque, velocity, position, and force.

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