Realtime, online monitoring of water quality

Water treatment specialist, Siltbuster is launching an online, real-time water quality monitoring and reporting system. The new Clarity package has been designed in conjunction with Siltbuster’s water treatment systems.
May 5, 2020
Efficient water quality monitoring can be achieved using the new system from Siltbuster
Efficient water quality monitoring can be achieved using the new system from Siltbuster

It is said to offer environmental advisors and managers in the construction industry efficient, remote monitoring environmental performance.

The system is the result of 18 months of development, field trials and customer feedback. It offers data logging of discharged water and real-time alarm notifications either via SMS (text-message) or email should the equipment detect non-compliant water passing the probes.  

Data logging on its own provides a crucial audit trail that can be used to prove site compliance to regulators. But real-time alarm notifications and control will revolutionise water management according to the firm. Using data logging only is risky as very often the data is downloaded at irregular intervals and should breaches occur, it is only realised after the event and potentially because of regulatory investigation.  

Clarity gives plant operators a heads-up that the system needs attention (and that feed pumps may need to be shut down) in order to maintain compliance with discharge criteria. Site managers and personnel can continue their daily tasks without the need for constant supervision of the system.

Any number of key parameters can be logged and monitored (for both inlet and/or outlet waters), including total suspended solids, pH, flow rate, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and temperature.

Accessible via both a Web and Mobile App interface, Clarity allows environmental advisors to oversee the compliance of multiple sites (via a red, amber, green flagging system) while giving access to performance data where required. Historical records can be extracted using the search functionality and data can be exported as a .csv file, providing evidence of permit compliance.