Versatile mini digger from Doosan

Doosan says that its new DX85R-7 mini-excavator offers versatility and is the latest addition to the company’s next generation range of Stage V models.
May 26, 2023
Versatility is claimed for Doosan’s latest 8tonne excavator model
Versatility is claimed for Doosan’s latest 8tonne excavator model

The 8tonne class DX85R-7 is a reduced tail swing (RTS) excavator designed to offer performance, stability, versatility, operator comfort, controllability, durability, ease of maintenance and serviceability according to the firm.

The DX85R-7 has an improved upper structure platform for durability and a different boom swing cylinder layout giving an increase in boom swing angle. Together the RTS design and boom swing angle mean the DX85R-7 suits work in confined spaces. The bucket digging force of the DX85R-7 is 6.7tonnes and this is combined with a traction force of 6.6tonnes, while travel speeds are 2.9km/h in the low range and 4.8km/h in the high range.

The DX85R-7 is powered by the Doosan D24 Stage V compliant diesel providing 48.5kW at 2100RPM. The machine is said to offer fuel efficiency as well as a power output and torque at low RPM. A combination of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter aftertreatment methods ensure compliance with Stage V regulations. The DPF offers a 25% increased ash cleaning period of 5000 hours compared to the DX85R-3.

The cab has a full glass entry door to maximise operator visibility on this side of the machine from inside the cab. The four standard high luminance LED work lamps on the cab further boost visibility. Protected by a FOPS, the machine has a rear-view camera as standard and an optional around view monitoring (AVM) 360° system offering a choice of five views on the display.

A new series main control valve (MCV) is utilised in the DX85R-7, improving performance by reducing the internal pressure loss, compared to the DX85R-3. The new MCV cuts energy wastage and pressure losses by over 40%, significantly reducing operating costs.

The DX85R-7 also offers improved lifting power and stability through a number of design changes, including the 127mm increase in the tumbler length, a redesigned undercarriage with lower ground approaching angle, an expanded rear swing radius and dual flange and double profile roller for both rubber track and steel track type shoes. Dozer improvements on the DX85R-7 have increased the jack up height/digging depth and the lift angle. A newly designed 1.45tonne cast counterweight also ensures machine stability when working.

The DX85R-7 mini-excavator has Doosan’s latest DoosanCONNECT system installed as standard, which provides a telematics management system for the excavator, by collecting data from sensors on the machine.

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