TSS-Transport Simulation Systems released version 8.2 of the Aimsun traffic modelling software

In April 2017, TSS-Transport Simulation Systems released version 8.2 of the 154 Aimsun traffic modelling software. Over 20 years of development, Aimsun has matured from a microsimulator into a fully integrated traffic modelling application that now fuses travel demand modelling, macroscopic functionalities and the mesoscopic-microscopic hybrid simulator. Aimsun’s all-in-one approach not only means faster model builds, greater accuracy and fewer errors but a single integrated package also brings lower software costs, faster training and superior user friendliness. 

The latest version continues this enhancement of the user experience with significant improvements both at the modelling and platform level. Highlights include Dynamic OD Matrix Adjustment – a procedure that fits a multi-class, time-sliced demand to a real data set of traffic counts for multiple time intervals within the simulation period, be it a microscopic, mesoscopic or hybrid simulation. Other improvements are richer Public Transport Assignment and more Dynamic User Equilibrium Assignment options than ever.

Aimsun 8.2 has improved Path Analysis and DUE convergence analysis and also features recording and replaying of both microscopic and mesoscopic simulations for easy visualisation of the evolution of congestion in the network. Another highlight is the car-following model extension for congested highways, which means that modellers can now achieve more accurate simulated speeds in heavy traffic.

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