Komatsu’s new large mining shovel

bauma / January 6, 2017
2300 Komatsu claims that its new PC7000 mining shovel is powerful and productive as well as being powerful, durable and reliable. Power for this 677tonner comes from twin engines delivering 1,250kW apiece and the design has already been proven, with the prototype backhoe version operating in Australia and the first shovel variant working at a mine in Asia. The new shovel is designed to be a good pass match for haulers with payloads from 216-262tonnes such as the firm’s own Komatsu 830E and 860E trucks. Both the shovel and backhoe variants feature 36m3 buckets, although these have different configurations to suit the application.

The firm claims that the new PC7000 offers improved digging and bucket filling as Komatsu has revised both the bucket design and hydraulic layout. With its new open circuit hydraulic system, the shovel is said to swing faster and penetrate the material more easily. The company also claims that the new model offers reduced maintenance time, due to the repositioning of major service points for easier access.

A key feature is the Komtrax Plus system, the latest Komatsu machine monitoring package that’s is installed on the machine and allows customers to check the operating status of the machine remotely. Data can also be downloaded via satellite directly to maintenance teams, providing information on working parameters such as hydraulic pressures and engine performance.