New road safety VIDEO message from France and Finland

March 3, 2015
New road safety videos made in France and Finland are giving strong messages on road safety. The new French video, launched in February, shows in bleak, close-up images the impact of road collisions on several individuals who suffered life changing injuries, and their families. It follows a number of increasingly shocking films released in recent months that have included a class of primary school children wiped out by a car, a fake ‘funeral’ for speeding motorists and a film released by police showing the moments leading up to a real, fatal motorcycle collision.

The Finnish clip, released this month in an English version as part of a campaign on distracted driving, takes a markedly different approach. Using uplifting music, a powerful voiceover and a sequence of positive images of people using their phones in everyday life, its final frames show an accident avoided, accompanied by the simple message ‘When you drive, just drive’.