Ramtec highlights new MM screening bucket crushers

bauma / January 6, 2017
2172 Ramtec’s products, which are geared around the Robi brand name, include Robi’s MM screening bucket series offering five models that are designed for screening, separating, mixing and composting.

The machines can be equipped with standard, soil, peat or compost axles, and as a carrier the customer can choose an excavator (16-24tonnes) or a wheeled loader (6-7tonnes).

The showpiece MM104 has undergone a number of improvements. For instance, the frame is redesigned and completely new, and there are cleaning combs to keep the axles clean, thus improving the overall productivity.

Another Robi crusher is the forest harvester FH20R, and is equipped with special jaw plates for crushing tree stumps. The attachment is designed for excavators in the 10-25tonne class.

Ramtec’s history dates back to 1978, and its current factory in the town of Lahti in southern Finland was built in 1996 to manufacture crushers and hydraulic hammer housings. In 2002 the factory was sold to the newly-established Ramtec through a management buy-out arrangement.